Jeremy Scott, Adidas Shoe Designer

Adidas collaborates with top designers to bring fresh silhouettes to shoot the fashion scene. In this realm, the name Jeremy Scott has a strong position as an eccentric designer collaborator for The Three Stripes. The 43-year-old man became known after spawning a modified adidas Basket collection by incorporating details of stuffed animals.

Collaboration has been adidas’ old way of getting attention. They had worked with Olympic athletes in 1936. Tennis legends Stan Smith and Rod Laver were no less a breakthrough in the 1970s. However, it wasn’t until the 2000s that adidas started collaborating with designers.

Jeremy Scott is a designer with fashion styles that can make people think twice about buying them. He dares to combine various elements which often creates controversy, as happened in 2013 when Santa Cruz rebuked him. The presence of the controversy actually indicates that Scott’s work is able to attract the attention of the public.

Dirk Schonberger, Global Creative Director at adidas, once explained why his place of work does this kind of collaboration. “Basically, adidas is a mixing bowl of different cultures,” Schonberger told Vogue in 2014. Cross-cultural collaborations like this, he continued, will present a new cultural identity that is acculturated from a blend of characters.

The man who has served since 2010 was actually amazed by the collaborative work pattern created by adidas. “They (the designers) are like everyone else who works here. Come to conceptualize products, draw, discuss, sort materials, and more. We can see how each other works,” he said.

Meanwhile for Jeremy Scott, adidas has a character that is more free for designers to create than other brands. “adidas emerges as a brand that embraces our imagination (designers), communities, and other expressive societies. They do not hesitate to let our genre collide with them without fear of losing the character they have been carrying. I don’t see that from other brands I’ve worked with,” said Scott.

“The flow of collaboration there resonates nicely and sometimes it becomes a separate promotional medium for both parties,” Scott said on the page. “As a rebel, what I have produced feels so satisfying,” he concluded.

Adidas and Jeremy Scott started a collaboration in 2002 with a small campaign called “!Signed”. Scott modifies the adidas Forum Mid, an old 1980s basketball shoe, with a $100 dollar bill. He replaced George Washington’s face with his silhouette. The shoes were made in 100 pairs at adidas’ traditional factory in Scheinfeld, Germany. Now, the shoe is a hot hunt for collectors with a price touching US $ 1000 on eBay.

Their collaboration skyrocketed after in 2008, Scott and adidas released the JS Wing edition. The designer gave a modified adidas Forum with wings that cover almost the entire upper part of the shoe. Like it or not, these shoes were very popular at that time. Uncle Sam’s Country Rapper Lil Wayne owns nearly the entire JS Wing edition as a testament to the issue’s popularity.

After three years, on February 24, 2011, adidas and Jeremy Scott first released shoes with a pink Teddy Bear feel. The collaboration, named Jeremy Scott x adidas Forum Teddy Bear, was released to celebrate the month of love in the United States. Since the appearance of this edition, Scott seems addicted to releasing shoes shaped like dolls.

Jeremy Scott was rumored to be a Plushiophile (a person who has an intimate interest disorder in dolls). However, he denied the rumors while being interviewed by Sneaker Freaker. “Obviously not. I’ve produced several works of art with the properties of such dolls. I once made a gun decorated with a Teddy Bear,” he said. He had no inspiration from anywhere regarding the modification of this doll. “I just do what’s on my mind. That’s all,” concluded Scott.

Criticism poured in about his work. However, Scott did not budge. He still believes in making shoes with ornaments of stuffed animals even though he is a vegetarian. He showed it to Alice Fischer, a reporter for The Guardian. In an article published on September 14, 2014, Fischer mentioned that he had lunch with Scott at McDonald’s. Scott ordered six servings of BigMac but he replaced the bacon with fried eggs. This indicates that Jeremy Scott’s lifestyle is not solely his inspiration in designing clothes and shoes.

This edition is no longer in production, but the adidas doll-shaped shoe is considered one of the wildest looking shoes adidas has ever released. Whether you like it or not, adidas and Jeremy Scott were one of the most groundbreaking collaborations of the 2000s. The shoes are difficult to wear, not ergonomic and tend to be heavy, but they are a target for the rebel avant-garde fashion activists who dare to be different.

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