Tips for Choosing Adidas Running Shoes


Whether you’re a seasoned runner with the ambition to dominate every race, or just getting started, our men’s running shoe collection can give you the power to run fast, tough and confident. Adidas’ wide range of shoes are complemented by technical designs to suit all running styles and terrains, helping you to achieve success.


Each men’s running shoe has a different function depending on what terrain you’re going on. Whether it’s a treadmill, city street or trail, all three require different types of running shoes to minimize injury and provide more comfort.

Treadmill runners usually need more cushioning in the heel for a more comfortable ride, and less cushioning in the forefoot or toes for a lighter feel.

Trail runners need more traction for smooth, muddy terrain. A tougher running shoe material, stronger midsole and rubber tread serve to increase foot protection and durability on difficult terrain.

Street runners don’t need more traction to run on city streets. Men’s running shoe with a lightweight upper and midsole and a thin material for added foot response and speed.

Tips for Choosing the Adidas RunningShoes

Knowing your style or how you run has an important role in determining long-lasting comfort. You need to think about the level of comfort and performance you want.
There are runners who need men’s running shoes with a softer, lighter midsole for a more comfortable ride and deeper flex-cut grooves for increased cushioning response.

Every runner’s body, running style, and footing must be different, therefore these are our considerations in designing men’s running shoes.

If you need a neutral running shoe, choose men’s running shoes with lightweight cushioning and standard stability to support natural foot movement.

If you tend to pronate on your heels or toes when running (pronate), then choose men’s running shoes that provide more comfort in the midsole and heel for maximum stability.

If you tend to under-pronate, then choose men’s running shoes with soft and flexible cushioning for shock absorption and solid foot movement.

How often and for how long you run is important in determining when you should change your men’s running shoes. Don’t wear the same running shoes for too long because overuse is not recommended. Although it hasn’t looked damaged, men’s running shoes are usually worn around 400 to 600 km. It is also advisable to rotate several pairs of running shoes to avoid injury.

Appearance is important, but don’t forget comfort and experience as an equally important aspect. The best running shoes are determined by personal preference as well as how comfortable you are in them. Do not change the type of shoes you usually use when you want to run a marathon. It is also recommended to choose men’s running shoes that are specifically designed for your running type, if you are just starting to run.

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